World’s New Creation – Congratulations On A Successful Winter Olympics by FOWCAAS (Complete)

世界创举 - 由“世文联”及“伯兰国”携手引领全球 80 各国成员

世界创举 – 由“世文联”及“伯兰国”携手引领全球 80 各国成员

祝愿中国在 2022 北京冬奥会上取得圆满成功,并以 33 国语言来传达祝贺词的完整视频分享,以下为不同国家与地区之 80 成员名单。
World’s New Creation – FOWCAAS and Birland State is requesting for all
our 80 worldwide members to wish China success for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing,
Congratulations will be delivered in 33 languages of full vision video.
The following is a list of 80 members of different Countries and Regions.

主要视频链接 Main Video link

外国点击录象欣赏 Click & Enjoy The Video (International)【YouTube】

中国点击录象欣赏 Click & Enjoy The Video (China)【YouKu】


The full video produced by the FOWCAAS has been reported by worldwide and 20 major media in China, including official newspapers etc.

01、今日头条 【New中外文艺Today’s headlines [New Chinese and foreign literature and art]

02、都市头条 【国际诗书画】Urban Headlines【International Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting】

03、国际文艺与评论 International Literature and Criticism

04、凤凰新闻 Phoenix News–f5wbPsyg10qxyQ4fPuw____?spss=np&aman=174750U847S3bfT842748d8544Df03xb25C7b6q5da&gud=991894B379

05、名师名家名人坛 Famous teachers and famous masters

06、360图书馆 360 library

07、华人头条(人民文艺家)Chinese headlines (people’s writers)

08、腾讯知乎Tencent Zhihu

09、华人头条(香江文艺报)Chinese headlines (Hong Kong Literature and Art Newspaper)

10、搜狐新闻(文艺世界)Sohu New (Art World)

11、中英文艺家在线 Chinese and English artist online

12、艺海立体声 Yihai Stereo

13、华人文艺家大辞典 Dictionary of Chinese Artists

14、企鹅号 【名师名家名人坛】Penguin [Famous Teachers, Masters and Celebrities]

15、腾讯看点 Tencent Aspect

16、网易新闻 经典诗书画 NetEase News Classic Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting

17、香港视界 Hong Kong Vision

18、闻讯中外【News from China and Foreign Countries】

19、微博 名师名家名人坛 Weibo Famous Teachers Famous Masters Celebrity Forum

20、爱奇艺 IQIYI

国外主要媒体报道以“脸书”, “推特”, “即时电报”, “领英”都传遍全球。

Major foreign media reports have spread all over the world through
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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“即时电报” 三变数Instagram – Three Variables

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